Personal Injury

Trying to navigate legal issues when you are facing injuries and important medical decisions can be overwhelming.

Skill. Dedication. Concern.

At The Alliance, our skilled and dedicated lawyers can help you understand what steps to take and how to protect your interests following an accident. Our team of lawyers and assistants are driven to help you and keep you informed because they are, above all, caring human beings. We genuinely care about our clients and work with them to make sure they understand their options and how to best protect their future following an accident.

Expertise at The Alliance

Our expertise includes representing persons injured in a variety of accidents, including those who have suffered personal injury through

  • Automobile accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice

Our expertise extends to those who have been catastrophically injured as well as those who have been injured out of Province or outside of Canada.

The Alliance Difference

What makes us different? 

No Contingency Fees

Unlike other law firms, our firm does not believe in contingency fees. Other law firms often insist that their personal injury clients agree to pay hefty pre-set percentages of their eventual settlements (often as much as 30-35%). Clients are sometimes told they only have to pay 15%, while the insurer will pay the remaining 15% which, of course, still means that the client is paying 30% of their settlement to the lawyer. We do not enter into contingency fee agreements because we believe they make the lawyer a stakeholder in the litigation, rather than an advocate, possibly creating a conflict of interest.

Free Consultation

We also believe that people injured in accidents are entitled to information. We will meet with you and provide you with information about the compensation process and the steps to take at no cost.

Successful Outcome or No Cost to You

If you decide to retain us to represent you and a settlement cannot be reached and we are unsuccessful at trial, there will be no cost to you for our services.

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