A Lifetime of Advice

We work primarily with owner/managers and in ongoing consultation with their accountants to provide legal support and advice during the lifetime of the business. 

Vigorous Advocacy

We offer vigorous advocacy which is always tempered by our professional obligation to achieve reasonable settlements where possible. Our lawyers have successfully represented litigants in Superior and Appellate courts throughout Ontario for over three decades.

Helping You Navigate

At The Alliance, we can assist you with every aspect of your family legal needs as those needs change over time. Our skilled lawyers, clerks and assistants have decades of combined experience and can help you navigate the often confusing and emotional processes involved in various aspects of family and matrimonial law.

Solid Business Advice

We frequently advise both employers and employees on issues in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces.

The Right Experience

The Alliance has the experience to assist these special clients and already represents upper tier municipal clients (Counties), lower tier municipal clients (Cities and Townships) and service boards (libraries and police).

A Team Approach

We use a team approach involving lawyers and dedicated real estate clerks and prioritise communication with the client throughout. We also do commercial and multi residential transaction.

Ensuring Your Wishes and Expectations

Our lawyers can provide estate planning advice, whether you need a simple will or a complex planning strategy. Our estate planning strategies include business succession planning. We will ensure that your wishes and expectations are properly expressed and carried out. If you are responsible for administering an estate, we can guide you through the probate and administration process.